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Diagnosing Spooky Sounds – Toilet Plumbing Problems

Spooky sounds emitting from the toilet are never a good thing. One of the scariest plumbing problems is an issue with the toilet. While some spooky sounds could mean a simple fix, other could mean a larger plumbing problem. Especially is left unchecked. Here are some of the most common spooky sound from your toilet.


The constant spooky sound of hissing from the toilet can be a little unnerving. This is the result of a bad fill valve allowing water to consistently flow through the fill valve and into the tank. Replacing the flush valve drain can alleviate this problem or even cleaning the bottom of the tank and replace the flapper.

Bursts of Air

Intermediate bursts of air can be an alarming spooky sound from your toilet. This could mean that there is water leaking from your tank. The bursts of air you hear is the constant refilling of the tank. Check the floor and exterior of the tank for any leaking water first. If there is no water on the floor and outside of the tank, then the water is flowing into the toilet bowl. The refill tube may need to be adjusted and the flapper may need to be replaced. It may also need a new flush valve drain.


A Rumbling sound is definitely a spooky sound, especially when it is coming from the toilet. This could mean that there is something blocking the flow of water at the shut off valve on the wall. You

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may need to replace the wall valve.

A Bang or Thump

A bang or thump can be a result of water hammer; this occurs when there is a sudden change in water pressure. In this instance the fill valve and/or the shutoff valve at the wall should be replaced.

When it comes to spooky sounds and your toilet its always better to veer on the side of caution. Call a professional plumber right away to avoid a more serious plumbing problem and to prevent water waste.



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