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When your drains begin to back up or a sudden clog renders your toilet unusable, contact Lesco Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Our plumbing experts will perform an inspection of the backup and offer useful drain cleaning solutions. With 20 years of experience cleaning drains for our customers, we feel confident we can remove the obstruction from your drain with minimal hassle to you.

The best time to call us is the minute you notice the clog, but it’s also smart to request regular drain cleaning in Caldwell, NJ to avoid the need for repairs to your pipes and sewer line in the future. Most professionals recommend annual cleanings and service for your plumbing system. Luckily, as a local company, the team at Lesco Plumbing, Heating & Cooling values personal relationships, and we invest in developing them over time.

What Is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is the process of removing a back-up, dirt, and grime from your plumbing system. There are multiple types of drain cleaning solutions available, each designed to target a different problem.

You’ve likely heard of chemical drain cleaners before. You can buy them at most hardware or grocery stores, and you pour them down slow-running or clogged drains. At Lesco Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we do not suggest that you use this type of cleaner. While it may seem to work for a little while, it usually hides the root cause of the problem, and the drain will begin to run slow again in a few months. Chemical solutions can also hasten the corrosion of your pipes, which can lead to costly repairs or even repiping. Finally, these chemical cleaners wreak havoc on septic systems, if you have a septic tank rather than a sewer line. Since septic systems rely on bacteria to break down waste, any interference from strong chemicals will disrupt that process.

Professional drain cleaning in Caldwell, NJ safely removes blockages from your pipes without the risk of harm to your plumbing system. Methods include more traditional techniques, like drain snaking, which manually gets rid of localized clogs caused by accumulated hair, soap scum, grease, or other waste materials. There are also advanced methods of drain cleaning, like hydro jetting, which blasts water into your pipes and sewer line for a thorough clean. This procedure is only recommended for relatively new plumbing systems, but it is extremely effective.

If you need drain cleaning in Caldwell, call on Lesco Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to do the job! We’ll consult with you about the best method for your specific problem and plumbing system.

How Do I Know If My Drains Need To Be Cleaned?

We encourage you to schedule annual cleanings for your drains and plumbing system to ensure it is functioning as expected. But if you haven’t kept up with regular maintenance or you encounter an acute problem, it’s still possible that you may need our assistance for a more urgent drain cleaning in Caldwell, NJ. Here are some clear signs that your drains need to be cleaned by a professional:
You will notice an obvious, localized drain clog immediately, but it can be harder to identify other signs of a back-up in your plumbing system until they become unwieldy problems, like the issues in the list mentioned above. When you have a relationship with a professional plumber, like Lesco Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, you will never have a problem keeping up with drain cleaning in Caldwell, NJ.