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Signs You May Have Hard Water

 You hear the term hard water thrown around from time to time, but does it mean to have hard water? How do you know if you have it? Hard water can cause a variety of problems from irritated skin to sediment buildup. Here are some signs you may have hard water.


1)     Sediment Buildup Around Faucets

One telltale sign that you may have hard water is sediment buildup around faucets or in sinks. Hard minerals like calcium is what causes hard water, these minerals often occur naturally.

hard water solutions
Alkaway,, 12/29/2016

The onset of mineral buildup around faucets and sinks is a good indicator that you may have hard water.


2)     Film on Shower Walls and Tubs

Sediment will not only leave traces on faucets and sinks but also leave a film on shower walls and tubs. Showers and tubs may never seem clean when you have hard water, no matter how often you clean.


3)     Water Spots on Dishes and Glassware

hard water solutions
Kinectico,, 12/29/2016

The mineral deposits can often interfere with the function of soup or detergent leaving your dishes and glassware spotty or not as clean. Aside from the faulty soap, mineral deposits can also start to buildup on dishes and glassware. In severe cases leaving a permanent imprint also known at etching.


4)     Dirty Clothes

Just like with your dishes, mineral deposits can also affect the ability of your laundry detergent to perform its job. Hard water can often leave clothes looking dull, dingy, and stained and leave clothes feeling rough to the touch and also cause damage to the fibers in the fabric causing it to tear easily.


5)     High Water Bill

A higher than normal water bill can also be an indicator that you have hard water. Keep in mind that if you can see the buildup on your faucets, shower walls, dishes, and clothes, chances are sediment is also building up behind the scenes. Mineral sediment can also buildup in your pipes and in your water using appliances. This sediment can cause your appliances as well as your water heater to work harder. The mineral sediment can not only cause your water bill to sky rocket but also cause damage.


Hard water can be alleviated with a water softener system. Water softeners helps remove the sediment that causes hard water, which can vary depending on the area that you live in. You may also want to consider a whole house water filtration system to also remove other contaminants. Learn more about treating hard water and other home maintenance solutions here.



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