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Tips to Prevent Flooding During a Major Winter Storm



Yesterday marked the first day of winter, and with increment weather settling in across the country, the chance of flooding is a definite possibility. Home that are properly set up to prevent flooding during a major winter storm have a better chance at preventing damage. Here are some tips to prevent flooding during a major winter storm.


#1 Check Your Sump Pump

prevent flooding during major witner storm
Pentair, 12/23/2016

During a major winter storm a sump pump can prove invaluable to prevent flooding. Homes that have basements or utility rooms located below grounds are particularly at risk. When the sump pump detects water it automatically turns on and starts pumping water out. Before a heavy winter storm you will want to check your sump pump. Start by pouring a bucket of water into the crock. The sump pump should automatically turn on and start pumping the water out. If it does not turn on you may want to consider installing a new sump pump. You should also check the pipe that drains the water for any debris that could cause a clog.


#2 Check Storm Drains and Stack Pipes for Clogs

Storm drains are important to prevent flooding during a major winter storm. It’s only natural that they will collect debris over time. To make sure that your storm drains are functioning

prevent flooding during major winter storm
Muncie Sanitary District,, 12/23/2016

properly make sure they are free of debris and clogs so that water can drain properly. You should also make sure that the stack pipes on your roof are also free from clogs to prevent any backflow issues.


#3 Check Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are important for deterring water during a major winter storm. Ice dams, and debris can build up over time which can obstruct the flow of water. If water can’t flow properly through gutters and downspouts there could be a risk of flooding. Excessive water around the foundation of a home can not only cause flooding but also damage the foundation. Make sure gutters and downspouts are in good condition and free from clogs.


As more increment weather is ahead of us it’s important to take the proper steps to prepare your home for a major winter storm. Learn more about preparing your home for winter and other home maintenance tips here.


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