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Sewer Line Problems – What To Look Out For Lesco

Your sewer line has an important job to do, remove waste away from your home where it can be directed to the sewer. Issues with your sewer line can present themselves over a variety of reasons. Tree roots, earth movements, and heavy rains can all have an impact on your sewer line. It is important to know what to lookout for in the event you have sewer line problems. Here are some signs there could be something wrong.


Some Warning Signs To Look Out For

There are several warning signs to look out for that could indicate sewer line problems. All of which require swift attention in order to mitigate a serious issue.


Lush Patches Of Grass 

Plants naturally thrive with a little extra fertilizer, which a sewage leak provides. If you notices random patches of your yard that are more lush than usual, there could be a sewage leak. In addition, unexplained puddles or saturated ground are also indicators of a problem.


Pest Problems 

Rodents, vermin, and other uninvited house guest can gain access to your home, through a cracked sewer line. If you are having a pest problem and are trying to identify the

sewer line problems
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point of entry, and have exhausted all other options, it could be through your plumbing.


Slow Drainage 

Slow drainage is a common plumbing problem. Usually a slow drain can be resolved relatively easily, however persistent or stubborn clogs could indicate an obstruction in the sewer line. This requires professional attention.


Foul Stench 

A foul stench emitting from your plumbing is a cause for concern. While it could be a dried trap, in this instance turn on the faucet and let the water run for a bit to create a barrier of water in the trap. However, if this isn’t the case you could have a more serious plumbing problem, while a clogged vent stack could also be the culprit, a damaged sewer line could also be the cause. Your plumbing should never smell bad, so have this checked out right away.



Sewage leaks can cause a variety of problems including mold and mildew growth and structural damage to your homes foundation. If you suspect a sewer leak, contact your plumber right away.



Sewage Backup 

While backups can happen from time to time, if the problem isn’t isolated to one drain and starts happening all over your house, you could have an issue with your sewer line. This is a huge cause for concern and should be addressed immediately.


Call Your Plumber

If you notice any of the above warning signs of a sewer line problem you should contact your plumbing immediately. They will perform a video pipe inspection, which can tell you exactly what is going on with your sewer line in real time. This takes a lot of the guesswork out and allows accurate diagnosis and repairs. For more information on how to recognize sewer line problems or to schedule repairs contact Lesco Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling today!



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