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Plumbing Repair Tips – Why Quality Matters

When it comes to plumbing repair, quality is not something you want to skimp on. It is understandable, as the totals start to add up, that people start to look for areas to cut corners to save a little money. However, cutting corners on quality parts and materials could end up costing more in future repairs. Here are some plumbing repair tips, and why quality really matters when it comes to parts, materials, and labor!


Genuine Parts Last Longer

With any plumbing repair job, it is important to use genuine, quality parts and materials because they last longer. Plumbing fixtures that come from a plumbing supply store vs. a big box store last longer because they are made out of hardier materials designed to withstand wear and tear. The problem with a lot of the parts available at big box stores, is they are cheaply made. And, when it comes to plumbing fixtures, cheap is a two sided word. While it may be inexpensive, you get what you pay for with many less expensive versions being made out of plastic.


Factory Replacement Parts

Going with a reputable brand like Delta for example is always a good choice. Both plumbing supply stores and big box stores sell Delta products. What is great about buying a reputable brand like Delta, is the availability of parts. Delta faucets carry a lifetime warranty, and they will ship you replacement parts free of charge.


Prevent Future Plumbing Problems

When it comes to plumbing repair, most people are looking to get a good deal. But what if we told you the good deal comes in the form of saving on future plumbing repairs. Investing in quality plumbing parts and labor can prevent future plumbing problems! This goes for the plumbing company you choose to make the repairs as well. Are they licensed ,bonded, and insured? Are they reputable? Do they offer a guarantee? Do they offer 24 emergency service? These are all important things to think about when hiring a plumber. Just a rule of thumb, never hire a plumber who isn’t licensed and insured! While their bid may be cheaper, are you willing to take that risk? You not only risk a more serious plumbing problem down the road, but there is a level of insurance by working with a professional in the event that the job goes wrong.


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USFSP,, 01/15/2017

Save Money in the Long Run

As far as plumbing repair goes, quality wins every time! Quality parts last longer, which mean you save money on replacement and repair. Not to mention a faucet that works properly is less likely to leak, which wastes water and money. Don’t skimp on quality for plumbing repairs. Hire a reputable plumbing company, who used quality parts every time! Are you in need of quality plumbing repair? Contact Lesco Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today!


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