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Buying a Home? Checking the Plumbing Before You Buy!


The decision to buy a home is an exciting experience! In addition, it will be one of the most expensive financial decisions you will make. Checking the plumbing before you buy is important to protect your investment, and your well being. See plumbing problems can remain undetected to the naked eye, then suddenly present themselves front and center with a plumbing disaster of epic proportions! Don’t be caught of guard! It’s kind of like checking under the hood before you buy a new car!


Check the Toilets

One of the easiest things you can do when checking the plumbing before you buy is to make sure all of the toilets are in good working order. Inspect around the toilet for any leaks and give each one a flush. This will help you know if there are any water pressure issues, or if a toilet has an internal leak.

Check for Leaks

When checking the plumbing before you buy, you need to be on the lookout for leaks. Look under the sinks, around showers and tubs, and be aware of any strange puddles or wet spots. Ground saturation when there hasn’t been any rain is also an indicator that there may be a leak. Leak detection also involves more than just what you see. It also involves what you hear. Listen for the sound of drips or rushing water. You also need to be aware of the smell of mold and mildew, which could also be an indication that there is leak.


Check the Water Heater

Checking the water heater is a must when checking the plumbing before you buy. The older the water heater is, the prone it will be to weakness and leaks. Be sure to inspect around the tank for excessive sediment buildup and listen for any loud banging sounds when engaged. Also inspect the serial number. The serial number on the water heater will give the date it was manufactured. Knowing how old the water heater is can help prepare the home buyer for repairs, replacement, and may evening help them with negotiations. Remember, most water heaters only last 10-15 years.


Turn on All the Faucets

When checking the plumbing before you buy, you should turn on all the faucets. You want to make sure that the water pressure is good and check the quality of water. Issues with water pressure or discolored water could be an indication that there is a hidden plumbing problem lurking in the darkness.


Check Crawl Spaces and Basements

Crawlspaces and basements can provide a clear indication if a plumbing problem exists. This is where many of the plumbing pipes lay. So, it is important to inspect these areas for signs of water leaks.


Checking the plumbing before you buy can help home buyers prepare for expensive repairs in the future, negotiate a better contract, or even decide to not purchase the home. While potential home buyers should check the plumbing before they buy, they should also schedule a professional plumbing inspection. This can help provide some valuable insight into the condition of the plumbing. Remember, plumbing problems don’t discriminate. New homes could also fall victim to plumbing problems. Always check the plumbing before you buy!

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