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What’s in Your Tap Water? Prevent Contaminated Tap Water


Cleaning running water is one of the best parts of modern plumbing. Clean running water helps us clean, cook, and stay

contaminated tap water
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hydrated. With that being said, have you ever given any thought to what is actually in your tap water? When it comes to personal health and well-being, people are becoming more well informed about the choices they make and the things they put into their bodies, and that should stop with food. Contaminated tap water can cause harm to our health. When it comes to the water you drink, cook, and clean with, its important to know what might be in it, so that you can make good decisions for you and your family’s health.


Fresh Water Pollution

Contaminated tap water can occur for a variety of reasons. Fresh water resources can become contaminated from pollutants. This can happen from people not disposing of their waste correctly, from an accident, or because of runoff. When it comes to preventing fresh water from becoming contaminated, it’s important that everyone practice good habits when it comes to waste disposal.


City Treated Water

City treated water can also be contaminated with the very chemicals they use to treat it. To kill bacteria and other harmful substances, many city municipalities put chemicals, like chlorine, into the water to treat it. Chlorine can make water taste, and smell bad, and have negative health effects. The disinfection process doesn’t work to remove all germs and bacteria either. Some can still make it through, which can make you sick as well.


Sediment and Mineral Deposits

Natural occurring sediment and mineral deposits can also contaminate your tap water. Minerals from the ground can soak into water resources and flow right through your tap. Or even sediment from old corroded pipes, usually found in homes build before the 1970’s, can cause contamination. While not all are harmful, some can make you sick, like lead and arsenic. If you live in an older home, having your water tested for harmful minerals is a good idea.

contaminated tap water
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Combating Contaminated Tap Water

So, what do you do about contaminated tap water? There are several options. A whole house water filtration system is the best solution. Many water filtration systems work very well at removing toxins, chemicals, and minerals. Having water filtered for the whole house allows for clean drinking water, and clean water for cooking and cleaning. Running filtered water through your appliances can also help your appliances work more efficiently and last longer. In addition, bathing with filtered water can help improve skin conditions, and prevent harmful contaminants from being absorbed through you skin. This can be an expensive route, and if you don’t have the money to make this improvement there are other options.

Other Options

Invest in some water filtered for all of your taps, including showers. These can help reduce the number of contaminants flowing through the tap. You can also drink bottled water instead of water from the tap. However, it is important to do your due diligence and research the brand you choose.


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