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Pet Friendly Plumbing Tips – Protect Your Plumbing and Your Furry Friends

People love their pets. For many households, pets are extended family members. With all the joy and happiness pets bring to our lives, nobody really thinks about how our furry friends affect our plumbing systems. Inadvertently, pets can have a negative impact on your plumbing! Bet you never thought of that before, huh? Not to worry, there are preventative steps you can take to protect your plumbing and your pets. Check out these pet friendly plumbing tips.

Employ The Use of Drain Guards

Drain guards are important because they help prevent unwanted things from entering your drains. When it comes to pet proofing, drain guards are a must. They help keep unwanted pet hair from traveling down the drain and causing clogs. Because let’s face it, your dog or cat can shed a lot, and some more than others. Human hair isn’t the only type of hair that can cause a clogged drain

pet friendly plumbing tips
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Prevent Hot Water Burns With Pressure Balancing Valves

Ever been in the shower while someone flushes the toilet and turns on the sink, only to be shocked with a stream of scalding hot water? That is because you have a faulty pressure balancing valve. For you this can be a mild annoyance, but for you pet it can be a dangerous situation. Pressure balancing valves are inexpensive and easy to install. Fluctuating water temperatures shouldn’t be a plumbing fluke you or your pet have to get used to!

Cover Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes might look like a great chew toy for your dog, but if this happens it can cause a lot of damage, not to mention be an expensive repair. Take a look around and note any exposed pipe that may be tempting for your dog, and have it covered. This can save you thousands in unnecessary plumbing repairs. 

Keep Toilet Lids Closed

Both dogs and cats have been known to drink out of the toilet. As unpleasant as that sounds, it can be harmful, especially if any liquid drain cleaners have been used. Liquid drain cleaners use some pretty harsh chemicals to break through clogs, many of which are toxic and dangerous. We typically don’t advocate for the use of liquid drain cleaners, but if you use them be aware. We would hate for something to happen to your precious pet. Keep the toilet lid closed at all times.

pet friendly plumbing tips

Is Your Dog a Digger?

Dogs like to dig, and some are quite adept at it! This can be destructive behavior, especially for the pipes that are buried in your yard. If one of your dog’s favorite past times is digging in the yard, make sure they aren’t left unsupervised to prevent broken and/or burst pipes.

pet friendly plumbing tips
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