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Maintaining Your Tankless Water Heater


Tankless water heaters are sometimes sold as “low maintenance” water heaters. However, just because they are marketed as low maintenance does not mean they do not require annual maintenance like their tank storage counterparts. Why? Because of sediment. Regardless of the type of water heater you have, it is venerable to mineral deposits. If you live in an area that is prone to hard water, maintaining your tankless water heater on a regular basis is important to maintain it’s effectiveness and efficiency. Here are some reasons why maintaining your tankless water heater is so important.


maintaining your tankless water heater
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Efficiency is one of the biggest selling points for tankless water heaters. Homeowners are wising up about reducing their impact on the environment. So, tankless water heaters have grown in popularity. Tankless water heaters are more efficient then traditional tank storage water heaters. However,in order to maintain the efficiency of your tankless water heater, maintaining your tankless water heater is really important.  When mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium start to accumulate in the heating exchange, it can start to inhibit the flow of water. When this happens, the water heater will start to utilize more energy in order to keep up with demand. Excessive temperatures can also affect the rate in which sediment builds up. Maintaining your tankless water heater on a regular basis can help keep your tankless water heater efficient, so you can reduce your environmental impact and save money on utilities.



Tankless water heaters last longer than traditional tank storage water heaters. However, regular maintenance plays huge role in this. As with most machines, when water heaters are maintained at regular intervals they not only perform better, but last longer. When a water heater is constantly working overtime to keep up with demands, it puts more stress on the mechanical parts. This can eventually lead to premature failure. When properly maintained, tankless water heaters can last upwards of 20 years!



There are lots of mechanical parts inside a tankless water heater. Over time, these can become clogged, affecting the effectiveness of the heat exchange. This can result in some of the burner not

igniting, which will make it difficult for the water heater to produce enough hot water. Another thing that can affect the how well your water heater performs is the air intake and exhaust vent. If either of these things are clogged, you will run into issues with effectiveness. Maintaining your tankless water heater on a regular basis will help insure that the heat exchange is cleaned and working properly, and that there are no clogs in either the air intake or the exhaust.

maintaining your tankless water heater
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