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The Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

Plumbing problems are never fun. In fact they can be one of the most stressful situations a homeowner will face. One of the benefits of a hiring a professional plumber to make repairs is that they have the right tools to complete the task. Video pipe inspection is one of those tools that can really help make a difference when it comes to assessing the source of a major plumbing problem. Here are the benefits of video pipe inspection.

Video Pipe Inspection Takes Out the Guessing Work

video pipe inspection
The Underground Wineletter,, 09/05/2016

Video pipe inspection takes out the guessing work by actually going to the source. You can learn a lot about the condition of your pipes by using video pipe inspection. Instead of speculating what is causing the plumbing problem you can actually see what is going on, which makes making repairs a lot easier and cost effective.

Video Pipe Inspection is Non Invasive

Before video pipe inspection technology in order to get to the root of a major plumbing problem you had to go straight to the source. This required opening up of walls or digging trenches in order to get to the pipes. With today’s technology of video pipe inspection you no longer have to do any unnecessary demolition in order to see what the problem is.

Video Pipe Inspection Saves Time and Money

By taking out the guessing work and not having to tear open any walls prior to repair you save time and money. Tearing open walls and digging trenches

video pipe inspection
Saving Kiwis,, 09/05/2016

just to investigate is time consuming and costly, especially when you factor in the time and money with patching up the walls and re-sodding your torn up lawn. Video pipe inspection allows you to get right to the source of the problem without any unnecessary, costly steps.

Video pipe inspections are also good to perform at other times other than plumbing emergencies. They can be particularly helpful during a home inspection before purchasing a home. Knowing the condition of a homes plumbing system before a purchase is finalized is very valuable information. It can allow the buyer ask for a contingency or even back out of the transaction if the plumbing repairs would be too extensive. A video pipe inspection can also be beneficial to a homeowner if a new home’s warranty is about to expire. Having a video pipe inspection done prior to a homes warranty expiring can allow the homeowner have any necessary repairs covered by the warranty, instead of out of pocket.

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